3PH-460V-60HZ 10HP Air-cooled Box Chiller
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3PH-460V-60HZ 10HP Air-cooled Box Chiller

Jiusheng 3PH-460V-60HZ 10hp Air-cooled Box Chiller is a CE-certified chiller. It can be installed without a cooling tower, easy to install, easy to move, and fast cooling 10HP horsepower chiller.


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Product Description

3PH-460V-60HZ 10hp Air-cooled Box Chiller


This is a 3PH-460V-60HZ 10HP air-cooled chiller. The cooling capacity is 30kW (25800Kcal/hr; 102408BTU). This model is a hot-selling model and is widely used in various industries: cooling of injection molding machines, cooling of blister machines, cooling of vacuum coating machines, etc...

The customized high-efficiency energy-saving system can save energy by 13% and reduce production costs. Create real value for customers and improve production efficiency. 

Model: JSFL-10-A

Brand: Jiusheng

Voltage: 3PH-460V 60HZ 
Compressor power: 10HP/7.5KW
Temperature control range: 5-35℃
Pump power: 750W
Pump flow: 200L/MIN
Pump head: 13M
Cooling capacity: 30KW/hr (25800Kcal/hr; 102408BTU)
Refrigerant: R22 (environmentally friendly refrigerant R407C/134A... can be customized)

Minimum order quantity: 1 set

Payment method: wire transfer, EXW, FOB/negotiation

Price: Negotiable

Place of Origin: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Certificate: CE

Delivery time: 10-20 days/negotiation

Service: OEM / ODM

Supply Ability: 1000PCS/month

Packing: plywood packing


1. Internationally advanced scroll or piston compressors. The components of the electrical appliances and refrigeration system are all products of world-renowned brands.

2. Built-in stainless steel water tank, high-performance, high-flow special pump;

3. The bottom of the fuselage is equipped with swivel casters, which is flexible and easy to move.

4. Streamlined aesthetic design, concave-convex design of the operation panel (humanized design), the operation procedure is clear at a glance;

5. Compared with the traditional control method, this special controller has obvious advantages such as anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-cold, anti-heat, strong control logic, sensitive response and accurate action.

6. Comprehensive safety protection: 1) High and low pressure protection and safety valve of the refrigeration system; 2) Soft and hard double protection of compressor overload; 3) Phase loss, reverse, undervoltage and overvoltage protection of the power supply; 4) Water system Freeze protection and water flow protection.


Model # JSFL-10-A
Cooling Capacity
kW 30
kCal/h 25800
BTU 102408
Power Supply 3PH-460V-60HZ
Total Power Input kW 8.61
Operation Current A 14
Compressor Brand Panasonic
Type Full-hermetic scroll
Power inputkW 3.68 * 2PC
Cooling Fan Type External rotor axial fan
Power (kW) 0.25 * 2PC
Pump Power(kW) 0.75
Flow rate (m³/h) 12
Pump head (m) 13
Condenser Type Aluminum fin & Copper tube
Evaporator Type Copper coil
Water Tank Material SUS Stainless steel
Volume (L) 145
Pipe fitting ø Medium Outlet DN40
ø Medium Inlet DN40
Electrical AC Contactor Schneider
Cooling Condition Ambient Temp. 5 - 45
Chilled Water Temp Range 5 - 30
Temp Accuracy ±1
Alarming System Abnormal Temperature, Phase reverse/missing, High/Low Pressure Fault, Compressor overload,  Compressor overheat, Pump overload, Medium low level, Short-circuit
Temperature Display Push-button digital display
Cooling medium Tap-water
Refrigerant R22
Measurement L*W*H(mm) 1600*730*1450
N.W. / G.W. Kg 294 / 367

Why buy a chiller from us?

A. Leading manufacturer of industrial chillers for 20 years.

B. Expert in industrial cooling solutions.

C. Many customized services can be provided for industrial chillers.

D. Stable quality + fast delivery time + reasonable price + strong technical support + intimate after-sales service.

E. Our industrial chillers have passed CE certification.


Thank you for your patience! 

If you need to inquire about prices and technical issues, please call 13925748878 Miss Zhu,We will provide you with the best quality service.

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