40HP Open Type Water Cooled Chiller
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40HP Open Type Water Cooled Chiller

40hp Open Type Water Cooled Chilleris a CE certified chiller. The open chiller is mainly composed of compressors, evaporators, condensers, electronic control systems, and refrigeration accessories.


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Product Description

40hp Open Type Water Cooled Chiller


40hp Open Type Water Cooled Chiller is a CE certified chiller. The open chiller is mainly composed of compressors, evaporators, condensers, electronic control systems, and refrigeration accessories. The water-cooled box chillers are composed of compressors, evaporators, condensers, water pumps, The water tank, electric control system, and refrigeration accessories are composed, so it can be seen that the difference between the two is that the water-cooled box-type chiller can have a built-in water pump and water tank, and vice versa, it is called an open-type chiller.


The 40hp Open Type Water Cooled Chiller is mainly to provide chilled water to products or equipment to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Both chillers need to be equipped with a cooling water tower for heat dissipation, but because the water-cooled box chiller has a built-in water tank and a water pump, when installing, the user only needs to connect the chiller to the cooling tower and connect the tap water to start the operation. use. In addition to the cooling water tower, the open-type chiller also needs to add a water pump and a double-layer stainless steel heat preservation water tank before it can be used.


non-standard type can be customized for ultra-low temperature -50°C. This chiller is popular with customers and is affordable. It is generally used for cooling plastic molds. The whole machine has a 1-year warranty and provides free technical guidance services for more than 10 years. The customized high-efficiency energy-saving power-saving system can save energy by 13% compared with ordinary chillers and reduce production costs. Create real value for customers to improve production efficiency.

Model: JSKF-40

Brand: Jiusheng

Minimum order quantity: 1

Payment method: T/T or by negotiation

Price: By negotiation

Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Certificate: CE

Delivery time: 10-30 days / negotiation

Service: OEM / ODM

Supply Ability: 100PCS / Month

Packing: plywood packaging


Adopting modern product reliability design concepts, supplemented by computer optimized system design. The unit is equipped with a small shell and tube heat exchanger, which is at the best operating point and has high product reliability.

1. Flexible scroll compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durable.

2. Reliable electrical products are used to ensure stable operation and long life of the machine.

3. Complete electrical protection system: with phase loss, phase sequence protection, current overload protection, high and low pressure protection, and fault alarm shutdown function.

4. Microcomputer micro touch controller, precise control of water temperature, simple and convenient operation, full Chinese interface, full control function. It can be connected to the automatic control system to realize remote control and intelligent management.

5. Shell and tube evaporator to ensure the heat exchange efficiency and fundamentally avoid the freezing and cracking problem that is easy to occur in the water tank coil structure.

6. Shell and tube condenser with pressure vessel certificate,  high heat exchange efficiency, long life, removable and washable. It avoids the structural defects of sleeve condenser that cannot be disassembled and washed.

7. The appearance of the product is beautiful and generous, the structure is exquisite and reasonable, especially the combination of shell and tube condenser and evaporator greatly improves the performance of the product.


Model JSKF-03 JSKF-05 JSKF-08 JSKF-10 JSKF-15 JSKF-20 JSKF-25 JSKF-30 JSKF-40 JSKF-50
Cooling capacity (W) 8. 5 14 23 29 43 57 71 90 126 158
Number of compressors (units) 1 1 2 2 3 2 2 2 4 4
Compressor power (HP) 3 5 8 10 15 20 25 30 40 50
Use refrigerant model R22 / R404A / R407C / R410A/ R134A0ptional
Evaporator type Coil type
Evaporator inlet and outlet diameter DN25 DN25 DN40 DN40 DN50 DN50 DN65 DN65 DN80 DN80
Condenser type Shell and tube
Condenser heat dissipation water caliber DN25 DN25 DN40 DN40 DN50 DN50 DN65 DN65 DN80 DN80
Cold water import and export quantity (group) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Cold water inlet and outlet path DN25 DN25 DN40 DN40 DN50 DN50 DN65 DN65 DN80 DN80
System power(V) AC380V/3P/50HZ
Control power(V) AC220V1P
Total machine power (KW) 2. 8 4.1 6. 75            8. 25 12. 75 16. 50 21. 00 24. 80 33. 80 41. 30
Power cord specification (nf) 4x4 4x6 4x10 4x16 4x25
Power cord length (M) Optional
Appearance size L x Wz H(cm) 97x55x102 97x55x102 140x68x142 140x68x142 160x67x152 185x70x150 185x70x150 220x80x152 185x80x170 200x80x170
Machine weight (Kg) 140 160 430 460 540 720 780 880 1030 1450


Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

A1: Yes, we have more than 20 years of experience in chiller manufacturing. We are located in Renzhou Industrial Zone, Shatian Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Welcome to visit anytime!


Q2: Can you help us recommend a model suitable for our project?

A2: Yes, we have engineers professionally calculate for you and reasonably recommend the machine suitable for your use. Our engineers can check the details and make the structure. Based on the following points: 1) cooling capacity; 2) refrigerant; 3) cold water inlet and outlet temperature 4) voltage; 5) what industry 6) architectural drawings (if any) 7) other special requirements.


Q3: How to ensure that your products are of good quality?

A3: We use international brand accessories, such as Japan's Panasonic brand, American Copeland, Japan Daikin, French Schneider Electric Emerson expansion valve, etc. All products are tested under load to ensure good quality and easy installation. 


Q4: How long is the warranty period?

A4: Counting from the date of production and leaving the factory, the free warranty is within 1 year. If both parties confirm that the quality causes the damage, a 12-month free warranty will be provided.


Q5: What is your payment method?

A5: We accept T/T, L/C, Western Union money transfer. Wire transfer and other methods, 50% deposit in advance for production, and the balance is paid before delivery.


Q6: Can you design for us?

A6: Yes, we can customize the production of chillers according to the user's detailed information. In addition, we can design the cooling circulation system (machine color appearance, cooling tower water pump, water tank water pump, closed evaporator). We can customize it for user needs.


Q7: What is the delivery time for production?

A7: For standard box-type chillers, 2HP-30HP is basically available in stock and can be shipped within 2 days after receipt. The production cycle of customized machines with special requirements such as non-standard voltage, refrigerant, internal structure, etc. is measured and determined according to the quantity. For screw chillers and scroll chillers, the production cycle is generally 25 working days after receiving the deposit.


Why buy a chiller from us?

A. Leading manufacturer of industrial chillers for 20 years.

B. Expert in industrial cooling solutions.

C. Many customized services can be provided for industrial chillers.

D. Stable quality + fast delivery time + reasonable price + strong technical support + intimate after-sales service.

E. Our industrial chillers have passed CE certification.


Thank you for your patience! 

If you need to inquire about prices and technical issues, please call 13925748878 Miss Zhu,We will provide you with the best quality service.



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