15HP Industrial Air Cooler
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15HP Industrial Air Cooler

The appearance of the 15HP Industrial Air Cooler is 90% similar to that of the air-cooled chiller. The difference in appearance is that the air cooler has a ducted air outlet; the difference in function is that the direct output is cold air. 15HP Industrial Air Coolers are also divided into air-cooled air-cooled air coolers and water-cooled air-cooled air coolers, like water chillers. The water-cooled type needs to be connected to a cooling tower, and the air-cooled type does not need it. It can be used independently and is simple to operate. It can be applied to wave soldering cooling, reflow soldering cooling, food tunnel cooling, production line cooling, workshop cooling and so on. We are a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of 15HP Industrial Air Coolers. We have more than 15 years of technical experience in the manufacture of craftsmen, with stable quality and service-oriented. We look forward to becoming your happy partner in China.

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Product Description

15HP Industrial Air Cooler


15HP Industrial Air Cooler is a brand-new designed product specially launched by our company according to the needs of various manufacturers. There are dozens of specifications and the refrigeration range is 4060-30800 kcal. 

The freezing air temperature range is 5℃-10℃. Special low temperature type -10℃- 0℃. Air coolers are widely used in various industrial production electronics. Our air coolers can be customized according to customer requirements: for example, the cooling capacity can be customized, the appearance color can be customized, the air volume can be customized, and the temperature can be customized.

15HP Industrial Air Cooler Appearance

Technical Parameters of 15HP Industrial Air Cooler

item Model RO-02AR RO-03AR RO-05AR RO-06AR RO-08AR RO-10AR R0-12AR RO-15AR RO-20AR
cooling Capacity Kcal/hr
Power Supply viot 1N-220V 50HZ/60HZ
Refrigerane R R22/R404A/R407C
Compressor Kw Power 1.5 2.2 3.75 4.5 3*2 3.75*2 4.5*2 5.5*2 7.5*2
Outlet Pipe Inner Diam mm 100/150 100/150 100/150 100/150 100/150 100/150 100/150 100/150 100/150
Control Temperature 0-5
Wind Volume M3/h 300-400 400-550 750-1000 900-1200 1200-2000 1500-2400 1800-280C 2500-3500 3200-4200
Wind Speed M/s 8-12 8-12 8-14 8-14 10-16 10-16 10-16 10-16 10-18
Dimension(mm) L 780 990 1160 1160 1450 1550 1550 1880 1880
W 520 530 570 570 690 780 780 880 880
H 990 1180 1220 1220 1630 1680 1680 1920 1920

Features of 15HP Industrial Air Cooler

1. The air outlet temperature is -10℃—+25℃, and the model can be selected according to customer requirements;

2. The unit can adopt two types of upper air blowing and lower air blowing (the specific air outlet position can be determined according to the user's requirements and the specific requirements of the user using the product), the processing air volume ranges from 200m3h to 380m3/h, and the air pressure reaches 200Pa to 300Pa. The outlet temperature of the cold air can be controlled at 2°C~5°C, which can basically meet the needs of various models.;

3. The unit has a unique design, compared with similar products, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, long air supply distance, short defrosting time, and good cooling effect;

4. The 15HP Industrial Air Cooler unit adopts the optional micro-pressure difference controller to intelligently control the defrosting frequency, so as to achieve "if frosting, no frosting, no frosting", which can reduce Temperature rise caused by defrosting and saving energy consumption of defrosting;

5. This unit adopts anti-oxidation gas shielded welding technology, which has high cleanliness in the system; the evaporator and copper pipes are arranged in a novel way to reduce the wind side resistance, the contact thermal resistance is small, and the heat transfer efficiency is high.

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Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Products

Q: How many years has your factory been established?

Answer: Our factory was established in 2016, but our engineers and technicians have worked in this industry for more than 15 years.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

Answer: We have some stocks of standard models. But if it takes about 3-7 working days to produce a normal machine, If it is one or more units, it will take about 15-20 working days.


Q: How long is the warranty period of 15HP Industrial Air Coolers?

Answer: Within 1 year from the date of leaving the factory, if the parts are faulty or damaged (except for the wearing parts due to quality problems), our company will provide these parts for free.

Q: What are your payment terms?

Answer: T/T 100% before delivery, L/C at sight

Q: Can you help us recommend a model suitable for our project?

Answer: Yes, we have engineers professionally calculate for you, and reasonably recommend the machine suitable for your use. Our engineers can check the details and make the structure. Based on the following points: 1) function recommendation; 2) power matching; 3) size determination 4) voltage recommendation; 5) applicable industry 6) machine drawings (if any) 7) other special requirements, etc.

Question: How to ensure that your products are of good quality?

Answer: We use the core components of international brand accessories, such as French Schneider Electric, etc. The configuration equipment has been load tested to ensure good quality and easy installation by users.

Why choose Jiusheng?

Because we are the source manufacturer, we can save the price difference of the middleman from the source and supply wholesale. Jiusheng has specialized in the production of 15HP Industrial Air Coolers for many years. Have strong technology and perfect service. We are committed to the production and sales of various industrial chillers, mold temperature controllers, grinders, mixers, feeders, cooling towers, dehumidifiers and other auxiliary equipment.

After 20 years of development, Jiusheng can provide hundreds of different types of non-standard customized auxiliary machines, which are widely used in various industries around the world. According to regular customer feedback, the quality of the machines provided by Jiusheng has been well received and recognized, and can operate stably for more than 10 years.

Why choose to buy 15HP Industrial Air Coolers from us?

A. We have more than 20 years of production technology experience.

B. We can provide you with more suitable solutions.

C. Can provide you with customized services for a variety of needs.

D. Stable quality + fast delivery time + reasonable price + strong technical support + intimate after-sales service.

E. Our company has CE certification.

Our Honor Certificate

Thank you for your patience to read! 

If you need to inquire about prices and technical questions, please call +86 13925748878 Miss Zhu or click on customer service to answer you, we will provide you with the best quality service.

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