Do you know the difference between air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller?


Air - cooled chiller and water - cooled chiller actually refrigeration principle is the same. Many guests think that the air-cooled cooling medium is air, and the water-cooled cooling medium is water. In fact, both cooling media are water, and the two are just different ways of cooling.
There are six differences:
1: different heat dissipation modes: air cooled chiller uses fan, water cooled chiller uses water tower.
2: different installation methods: air cooled chiller can achieve independent machine use, water cooled chiller needs to install water tower use.
3: cooling effect: air-cooled chiller adopts air-cooled mode, which is greatly affected by ambient temperature. Especially in some areas with high ambient temperature, it will cause poor refrigeration effect and may cause high voltage alarm due to high temperature.
Water cooled chiller takes water as the cooling medium and is not affected by ambient temperature. The refrigeration effect is better than air cooled chiller.
4: operation cost: water cooled chiller has lower condensation temperature, higher refrigeration efficiency and lower power consumption. At the same cooling capacity, the power consumption of water-cooled chiller is 20% lower than that of air-cooled chiller.
5. Procurement cost selection:
Air cooling and water cooling at the same power, water cooling is much cheaper than air cooling. Of course, this is the unit price of each chiller to be compared. If the new plant does not have a water tower, air cooling is more appropriate. Convenient. In the case of existing water tower, water cooling type can be selected, which has more advantages in price and cooling effect.

6. After-sales maintenance: the air-cooled chiller dissipates heat through the finned condenser, which is easy to accumulate scale and needs regular cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended to clean the fin condenser once a month.