The 15th Shenzhen International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition of Jiusheng 2021 came to a successful conclusion


Exhibition review:

As the annual event of the rubber and plastics industry in South China, the 15th Shenzhen International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition will focus on the theme of "intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials, and green development" from October 19 to 21, 2021, to showcase plastic machinery and supporting facilities. , Biodegradable and environmentally friendly plastic packaging, plastic raw materials and additives, rubber industry, recycled plastics and innovative products and application solutions.

Jiusheng Machinery has been working hard for 30 years to provide efficient refrigeration solutions for the rubber and plastic industry. The special chiller for the rubber and plastic industry has the following advantages:
1. Improve the surface finish of plastic products and reduce surface marks.
2. Improve the dimensional accuracy of the product, so that the product does not shrink or deform.
3. Facilitate product demoulding and speed up product shaping.
4. Ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, and save costs for enterprises.

Jiusheng’s main products include: water-cooled screw chillers, air-cooled screw chillersindustrial chillerswater-cooled box chillers, air-cooled box chillers, refrigerators, injection chillers, electroplating chillers, concrete Special chillers, low-temperature explosion-proof chillers, special non-standard chillers, chemical chillers, titanium bubble chillers, laser chillers, low-temperature chillers, central air conditioners, mold temperature units, cooling water pumps, cooling towers, cold storage refrigeration units: Piston type condensing unit, screw type condensing unit, box type air-cooled condensing unit, screw type parallel unit, etc. Relying on advanced refrigeration technology and excellent quality, Jiusheng Refrigeration combines the strengths of others, carefully researches and develops, and has achieved satisfactory results. The company's first-class after-sales service has won the trust and support of the majority of users.

Looking back at the scene, there is still a lot of people's ears, and the flow of exhibitors is endless. Although it only lasted three days, the booth of Jiushengn Machinery has always been a popular gathering place, with crowds and enthusiasm. We have received friends from all over the world to visit and communicate. The company's brand and strength are unanimously recognized by everyone.
Thank you new and old friends for your visit and guidance, and thank every customer for their trust and support. Although the exhibition only lasts for 3 days, our passion will not fade. All members of Jiusheng Machinery will serve everyone with sincerity, integrity, sincerity and enthusiasm, and look forward to meeting you again!

New era, new journey. Dongguan Jiusheng Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to deepen the field of refrigeration technology with high morale and open attitude, and make unremitting efforts for the development strategy of industrial rejuvenation.
Focusing on the future of thousands of miles, the future is magnificent, and Jiusheng Machinery will create together with dreamers!