Do you know some ways to avoid potholes when choosing a chiller supplier?


People's definition of value for money: getting a lower price for the same configuration. Is that what you think? But in fact, cost-effective chiller often does not depend on configuration and low price, but not only than configuration, than the price, than the process, more attention to after-sales service and other aspects of the problem.

Today Jiusheng teaches you several ways to choose chiller manufacturers to avoid pit mines:
1. Be cautious about purchasing especially cheap chiller
2. Be careful to buy water chiller without after-sales service
3. Be careful to buy jerry-built chiller
4, carefully buy second-hand chiller equipment

Answer 1: low price of products and equipment, often confused procurement of choice, that low price of products and equipment, more cost-effective, and once adopted, the loss is often long-term interests, outweighs the loss! So the selection of chiller, the quotation is relatively low equipment, it must be cost-effective? Of course not. With the expansion of the scale of industrial chiller, chiller manufacturers bloom everywhere, with uneven technical participation, and even some manufacturers' workshops to guide consumers to buy at low prices. Apart from the after-sale service, it is difficult to maintain the normal operation of the basic water-cooled chiller, and the factory itself is often damaged in the end!

Answer 2: For chiller, after-sale is also the last key link. For example, air-cooled chiller can not cool down, fluorine leakage, water seepage, abnormal sound, and other quality problems, which need to be analyzed and solved by professionals.
How to ensure the reliable operation of chiller in the absence of stable after-sales service? Some small factories only sell water chillers and do not provide after-sales service.
Therefore, before buying a chiller to confirm the order, we should understand the after-sales service of the equipment provided by the manufacturer, and be alert to the purchase of the chiller without after-sales service.

Answer 3: For example, high imitations are used on major components of chiller, such as compressors, condensers, fans, evaporators and control systems.
Therefore, when buying chiller, the price is too low, we should pay attention to check the attachment and the qualification of the attachment, to ensure that the equipment configuration is worthy of the name.
Answer 4: Second-hand refurbished units are common in the refrigeration industry. Unscrupulous manufacturers buy used water-cooled chiller, and then sell used water-cooled chiller through renovation. If you don't, you'll buy a refurbished chiller. Be careful when you buy one.

These are the suggestions to teach you to choose chiller manufacturers. In short, suppliers with low price of chiller must be carefully selected. Avoid potholes!