How to choose an industrial chiller?


I often hear complaints from customers, how to choose an industrial chiller? After comparing the chiller solutions of two or three companies, it feels similar, but the prices are quite different! We produce 2HP Air-cooled Box Chiller.When choosing a water chiller, it is best to choose the corresponding matching and suitable one, so that it can be used for a long time.

The consequences of not choosing an industrial chiller: the cooling effect is not ideal, energy is wasted, and there are other problems. Therefore, it is really necessary for the user to understand the basic selection common sense of the chiller.
How to choose a high-quality and suitable chiller solution for the enterprise? The following editor of Jiusheng has compiled 6 aspects for you, which can be referred to.
1. Need to know what the temperature difference is?
For example, how much material do you want to cool down to how long? It is an important reference parameter for us to choose the appropriate type of chiller for you. We have a customer who requires 30T materials to drop from 50 degrees to 25 degrees within 1.5 to 2 hours. This demand is the key information for selection. For this reason, our professional technicians have equipped customers with a cooling capacity of 200HP, which is The combined industrial chiller solution of 267KW and circular water tower not only achieves the ideal cooling effect, but also saves energy to a certain extent.
2. Consider the solution with the least energy consumption
If you use industrial chillers in a large industry, you should pay attention to the energy consumption and choose a chiller solution that comprehensively utilizes electricity, heat and cold, such as a water-cooled screw heat recovery unit, which can recover the originally discarded condensation heat to achieve cooling and heating Such dual functions can not only achieve the best cooling effect, but also save energy and reduce emissions.
3. Does the industrial chiller need a team to assist other equipment to work together?
See if your company needs multiple chillers for production. For example, cold storage requires stable and continuous refrigeration. When a chiller fails, other chillers are needed to replace the work. According to your company's production situation, explain to the chiller manufacturer.
4. Are there any environmental protection requirements?
The working of industrial chillers will also cause some environmental problems, such as whether the refrigerant is toxic, the noise of operation is not loud, and will it affect the surrounding environment of the enterprise. The refrigerant can be environmentally friendly R407C, R410A or other models. When selecting the chiller, the requirements in this respect must be clearly stated with the manufacturer.
5. Water quality requirements
The quality of the cooling water will affect the cleanliness of the pipeline, especially the evaporator. The poor quality of the cooling water will accelerate the scaling and corrosion of the pipeline, causing the evaporator to block and break. Please inform the manufacturer when selecting the model.
6. Other special requirements such as explosion-proof and vibration
Chillers often work in harsh conditions and are often exposed to special substances such as flammable dust and explosive gases. Therefore, the company will also increase its explosion-proof and vibration-proof requirements. At this time, it is necessary to consult the relevant technical personnel of the company and the working environment of the chiller Whether it is an inflammable and explosive environment, consult with the chiller manufacturer, whether the chiller can be explosion-proof, what is the explosion-proof grade, and the most suitable industrial chiller solution that matches the comprehensive refrigeration requirements.
If your company needs to be equipped with a fixed chiller in the production process, you can consider the actual situation of your company in advance, start from the above six points, formulate an industrial chiller demand plan, and choose a chiller manufacturer with complete brands, qualifications and reputation for cooperation. 2HP Air-cooled Box Chiller is your good choice.