Laser chiller selection scheme


Many users in the laser industry ask how to select a laser chiller? From the perspective of actual combat, Joyson uses the actual plan to explain the selection of a laser chiller suitable for you.

Laser chillers are often used to cool CO2 laser glass tubes, semiconductor lasers, or fiber lasers in laser equipment such as cutting machines, marking machines, and engraving machines.

During the long-term operation of the laser equipment, the laser generator will continuously generate heat and cause the temperature to rise continuously. If the temperature is too high, the normal operation of the laser generator will be affected. Therefore, the laser chiller is required for water circulation cooling and temperature control.

The laser chiller is a personalized application of the industrial chiller in the laser industry. The laser chiller mainly cools the laser generator of the laser equipment by water circulation, and controls the temperature of the laser generator, so that the laser generator can be maintained for a long time. normal work.

When selecting the type of chiller for the laser, try to choose a precise chiller that can monitor the process values of the water cooling temperature, pressure, flow, etc., and has interlocking protection with the laser.
The internal safety protection and remote control of the chiller are closely related to the safe operation of the laser.
Laser chiller type:
According to the types of laser generators, laser chillers can be divided into carbon dioxide glass laser tube laser chillers, carbon dioxide metal radio frequency tube laser chillers, semiconductor side pump laser chillers, semiconductor end pump laser chillers, YAG laser chillers, Fiber laser chiller, ultraviolet laser chiller.
The cooling capacity of the chiller is a key indicator for the selection of the laser chiller. The user can calculate the heat of the laser according to the different power of the laser, and then select the appropriate chiller.

According to the laser power of the laser, the calorific value of the laser can be calculated.
Calculation formula: P heat = P laser * (1-η)/ η
P heat: represents the amount of heat generated by the laser (W);
P laser: represents the laser output power (W);
η: Laser photoelectric conversion rate (%), determined according to different lasers.
Value range of photoelectric conversion rate η

Carbon dioxide laser: 8-10%

Lamp pump laser: 2-3%

Diode pumped laser: 30-40%

Fiber laser: 30-40%

For example: the output power of the carbon dioxide laser is 800W, and the photoelectric conversion rate is 8.5%

P heat = 800*(1-8.5%) / 8.5% = 8612W

The cooling capacity of the industrial chiller should be greater than the calorific value, and the LX-10K industrial chiller with a cooling capacity of 10KW produced by the long-flow instrument can be used.

Jiusheng Industrial Chiller Series:
Including the cooling capacity of 5KW, 10KW, 20KW, 30KW, 50KW and other series models, precise temperature control, comprehensive protection measures, the human-machine interface adopts a color touch screen, which can record temperature, pressure, flow and other process measurement data in real time, and the internal data can be stored U disk export, can provide remote control interface and 485 communication interface, is a high-end laser chiller.