How can foreign users improve the condenser efficiency of chillers in 5 ways?


The condenser is a basic component in the chiller system, as important as the compressor and the evaporator, and its working conditions will affect the overall efficiency of the chiller. Here are some ways to improve the efficiency of the condenser.

1, condenser capacity
Calculate the condenser capacity based on the surface area of the condenser instead of the power of the fan, which helps to improve the efficiency of the condenser.
2, the configuration of the fan
The suction type axial flow fan has a higher condenser efficiency. The use of an axial flow fan is a good way to improve the cooling efficiency.
3, the efficiency of the motor
Within the capacity of the condenser, the use of high-efficiency motors can increase energy saving by several percentage points.
4. Regularly clean the condenser piping system of the chiller
Like the evaporator pipeline, the condenser needs to be strengthened daily maintenance. A good pipeline system can minimize the pressure drop. The cleaning method can be to test the water quality every 3 months and carry out corrective water treatment procedures to help clean. Condenser.
5. Check the refrigerating oil and refrigerant of the chiller
The performance of refrigerating machine oil and refrigerant also affects the refrigeration efficiency, especially during operation in the condenser container, the deterioration of the refrigerating machine oil will cause the oil to stick to the inner wall of the condensing pipe, resulting in a decrease in capacity and a decrease in refrigeration efficiency. At the same time, too little refrigerant will cause the cooling efficiency of the chiller to decrease.
Through the research and analysis of the chiller, its energy saving worthy of our attention can be summarized into the following three aspects:
The part-load operating efficiency of the first foreign refrigeration equipment chiller is very important, including compressors, condensers and evaporators, using different methods to achieve separate energy savings and improve efficiency.
Second, foreign countries pay more attention to the application of high-efficiency motors and frequency conversion technology. In terms of intelligent control, the goal of smart energy saving has been achieved.

The third is that the maintenance of the chiller refrigeration system prompts thorough consideration. Including equipment selection and installation, operation adjustment and maintenance details, to achieve the purpose of energy saving from a small point.
These three points are the main aspects for foreign countries to improve the efficiency of refrigeration equipment and realize energy saving. Domestic manufacturers and customers should focus on selection and reference. In addition, Jiusheng chillers are relatively advanced in the country in terms of intelligence and energy-saving technology, and they are available for selection and customization. 15HP Water-cooled Cannon Chiller is your good choice.