How to calculate the cooling capacity of industrial chillers?


The following formula can tell you.

For industrial use of chillers for production, when cooling equipment and materials, a technical parameter of refrigeration capacity needs to be considered. How is it calculated? The following Jiusheng chiller will take the industry friends to learn about it.
Industrial chillers must ensure sufficient cooling capacity to reach the required temperature. In theory, many engineers and technicians will choose a larger cooling capacity range. In fact, the larger the chiller, the better. Excessive cooling capacity will This leads to a large investment in the unit and high energy consumption.
Therefore, the key to choosing a suitable industrial chiller for a factory is to scientifically and reasonably calculate the cooling capacity and safety factor!
The following formula can be used to calculate the cooling capacity of an industrial chiller:
Cooling capacity = chilled water flow × 4.187 × temperature difference × coefficient;
The flow of frozen water refers to the flow of frozen water required for the operation of the machine;
The temperature difference refers to the temperature difference between the machine entering and exiting the water;
The specific heat capacity of water is 4.187;
The selection of air-cooled industrial chillers requires a multiplier of 1.3;
For the selection of water-cooled industrial chillers 1.1;

The cooling capacity of water-cooled industrial chillers is relatively large, but cooling towers need to be added to achieve a good cooling effect. The cooling tower is a kind of refrigeration device, which is cooled by water and consumes the heat of the unit itself through the cooling water, while the chilled water is cooled by the evaporator of the unit.

The water source provided by the cooling tower is mainly the heat exchange in the condenser.
The air-cooled chiller adopts air cooling mode, no cooling tower, cooling water pump, or special machine room is needed. It can be installed on the roof and outdoors. The air-cooled industrial chiller adopts imported semi-hermetic compressors from Europe, America and Japan. The main refrigeration components are all well-known domestic brands, with excellent performance and reliable operation.
Under normal circumstances, use P (HP, the number of compressors) to calculate the industrial chiller. For example, the cooling capacity demand of 90KW, 1P≈2.5kW≈735.5kW, where 2.5kw is the corresponding cooling capacity, 735kw is the corresponding unit power, 36HP is selected The water-cooled industrial chillers can basically meet the requirements.
In the selection of industrial chillers, the most important problem is to calculate the demand for cooling capacity, master the calculation formula of cooling capacity, and refer to some notes in the notes, basically solving the problem of how to choose a suitable industrial chiller . 
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