Maintenance of Water-Cooled Chiller


Maintenance of water-cooled chiller
Regularly check whether the voltage and current of the water-cooled chiller are stable, and whether the compressor is running normally. When the chiller is working normally, the voltage is 380V and the current is within the range of 11A-15A.
Regularly check whether the refrigerant of the water-cooled chiller is leaking: refer to the parameters displayed on the high and low pressure meter on the front panel of the host. According to temperature (winter, summer) temperature changes, the pressure display of the chiller is different. When the chiller is working normally, the high pressure display is usually 11-17kg, and the low pressure display is normal within the range of 3-5kg.
When the water-cooled chiller is used for six months, the system should be cleaned. Strictly ensure that it is cleaned once a year. The main cleaning parts include: cooling water tower, radiator pipes and condenser parts to ensure better cooling effect. Check whether the cooling water system of the chiller is normal, whether the cooling tower fan and sprinkler shaft are running well, and whether the water supply of the built-in water tank of the chiller is normal.
When the water-cooled chiller is not used for a long time, the circuit switches such as the water pump, the compressor and the main power supply of the cooling water tower should be turned off in time. Water-cooled chillers need to be connected to a cooling tower and a circulating water pump to achieve the cooling effect. To ensure the quality of circulating water, you can consider installing a filter at the water source to prevent impurities from entering the pipeline and affecting the operation of the unit.
The maintenance and maintenance of any kind of product is very important, which can extend the service life of the product. For water-cooled chillers, good maintenance can not only ensure a better cooling effect, but also extend the main unit Service life is also very important. Therefore, relevant personnel must pay attention to the maintenance of water-cooled chillers to improve production efficiency.
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