Measures for Power Consumption of Screw Chillers


Measures for power consumption of screw chillers
1. Strengthen equipment operation management, and establish electricity management and unit consumption statistics systems. Conveniently assess the power consumption and material consumption quota, increase the necessary measuring instruments and appliances, carry out energy saving and technological transformation work, and consolidate the energy saving work from the system.
(1). Correctly control and adjust the liquid supply of the system, and avoid the occurrence of excessive humidity and overheating of the compressor suction.
(2). Reasonably choose the number of compressors to operate to match the refrigeration capacity of the system with the thermal load of the system.
(3). According to process requirements and changes in outside temperature, properly adjust the number of fans and pumps in operation.
(4). Regularly drain oil, air, defrost and remove scale, maintain good heat transfer effect of the equipment, and avoid excessively high condensation pressure and low evaporation pressure.
2. Improve the working conditions of refrigeration equipment as much as possible
(1). Improve water quality, slow down scaling, increase the condensation effect of the condenser, and lower the condensation temperature.
(2). When the motor load rate of the refrigeration equipment is below 0.4, the motor can be changed to Y connection to improve the power factor.
(3). Try to use automatic control operation instead of manual operation, so that the refrigeration system can be operated under the best working conditions. The screw chiller can save 5-15% of electricity.
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