One Sentence News of August 19, 2022


Real-time exchange rate "Bank of China foreign exchange purchase price": 1 USD = 6.7737 RMB //1 EUR = 6.8842 RMB

① Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Remind Chinese citizens to be wary of fake recruitment information online.

② As of the end of July, the China Railway Express has reached 196 cities in 24 European countries.

③ India made a final anti-dumping ruling on China ofloxacin and its intermediates.

④ Vietnam has extended the deadline for anti-dumping investigations on imported tables and chairs from China.

⑤ The U.S. plans to postpone some tariff relief measures against China until the end of the year.

⑥ Russia announced a great success in trade with China.

⑦ The UK inflation rate exceeded 10%, hitting a 40-year high.

⑧ The survey showed that the rapid depreciation of the yen hit Japanese companies.

⑨ Minister of Trade of Cuba: Foreign capital will be allowed to enter the domestic wholesale and retail trade.

⑩ Walmart cancels billions of dollars in orders to bring inventory in line with demand expectations.