One Sentence News of August 12, 2022


Real-time exchange rate "Bank of China foreign exchange purchase price": 1 USD = 6.7313 RMB //1 EUR = 6.9384 RMB

① Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: The second international standard in the field of drones dominated by China is officically released.

② Central Bank: It is expected that the CPI increase in some months in the second half of the year may exceed 3% in stages.

③ Shandong Port has opened 7 international container routes and 1 sea-rail intermodal train.

④ India is brewing a new ban, targeting China's low-end mobile phones.

⑤ U.S. grain and baby food prices are the highest since 1979.

⑥ The EU banned the import of Russian coal from August 11th, 2022.

⑦ USPS announced that the peak season surcharge will be levied from October 2nd.

⑧ MSC launched a new sea-rail combined transport scheme in Northwest China.

⑨ Bangladesh's garment export growth slowed to 15% this year.

⑩ The monitoring results of satellite remote sensing images show that the congestion of European ports continues.