Suitable Applications for Mold Temperature Controller


Petroleum and chemical industry: polymerization, condensation, distillation, melting, dehydration, forced insulation.

Oil industry: temperature control and heating of reaction kettles such as fatty acid distillation, oil decomposition, concentration, esterification, vacuum odor, etc.

Synthetic fiber industry: polymerization, melting, spinning, stretching, drying.

Textile printing and dyeing industry : heat setting roller heating, drying room heating, dyeing.

Nonwoven Industry: Nonwovens.

Feed industry: drying.

Plastic and rubber industry: hot pressing, calendering, extrusion, vulcanization molding.

Building materials industry : drying of gypsum board, heating of asphalt, curing of concrete components.

Machinery industry: painting, printing drying.

Food industry: oven heating, jacketed pot heating.

Air-conditioning industry: heating of industrial plants and civil buildings.

Road construction industry: Asphalt melting, thermal insulation.

Pharmaceutical industry: drying.

Light industry: production of ink, washing powder.

Chemical light industry: polymerization, condensation reaction, distillation, rectification, concentration, evaporation, melting

Petrochemical: synthesis, reaction, distillation, rectification, heating, heat preservation, storage tank heating, heavy oil heating,hydrogenation reaction, esterification

Leather industry: artificial leather processing

Textile printing and dyeing: heat setting, drying, baking, evaporation, melting

Chemical fiber: polymerization, melt spinning, loom processing, molding, thermosetting, stretching, drying

Coating paint: paint baking, drying, high temperature solid melting, home appliances, vehicle baking paint, painting

Automobiles and airplanes: coating and baking, drying, thermoforming, high temperature bonding

Wood industry: plywood, fiberboard press molding, laminate heating, hot pressing board heating, hydraulic press temperature control, wood drying.

Forest products industry: hot pressing, drying, wood-based panels, MDF , particle board, oriented strand board , wheat straw board, plywood\ wood-based panel veneer, wood processing, lumber making, solid wood flooring , wood drying, wood products, furniture, solid wood flooring

Papermaking &Printing: corrugated board processing, paper processing, ink production and processing, thermal fusion, drying

Building materials: asphalt dissolving, concrete curing tanks, waterproofing and fuel consumption production

Cement: fuel heating

Carbon industry: asphalt heating, heat preservation, melting, impregnation, mixing, molding

Highway traffic: road construction machinery, asphalt heating, melting, insulation

Municipal highway road construction: asphalt heating, melting, insulation

Asphalt heating: Asphalt heating and melting

Air conditioning: heating heat source, heating ventilation, radiant heating

Pharmaceutical Industry: Healthcare

Atomic Energy Industry: Nuclear Fuel Processing

Metal processing: pickling, electroplating, painting, oil bath, heat treatment

Electrical: resin impregnation, dissolution, insulation

Electroplating industry: galvanizing, chroming, silvering

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