What characters can we see from a Counterflow cooling tower?


It is well known that the counter-flow cooling tower is one of the most popular devices applied by the water-cooled chiller system. However, do you know what characters does a counter-flow cooling tower have? Please see the concluded brief tips as below:

1. Within the counter-flow cooling tower, there is filler. The water flows in the filler from top to bottom, while the air flows in the filler from bottom to top, the two flow in the opposite directions, that is called counter-flow cooling tower.

2. The counter-flow cooling tower has good thermal performance and is divided into three cooling sections:

①The space between the water distributor and the top of the filler, the water temperature in this section is relatively high, so the heat can still be transferred to the air.

② Heat exchange between filling water and air in the filler

③ The space between the filler and the water collector, the water is cooled in this section, which is called "tail effect". In the north, the water temperature can drop by 1-2°C. To sum up, the counter-flow cooling tower is about 20% smaller than the cross-flow cooling tower under the same conditions, and the heat exchange process of the counter-flow cooling tower is more reasonable and the cooling efficiency is high.

3. The water distribution system is not easy to block, the water filling is kept clean and not easy to age, the moisture back-flow is small, and the anti-freezing and deicing measures are easier. Multiple units can be combined in design. In winter, the required water temperature and water volume can be combined with a single unit or all fans can be turned off.

4. The construction, installation and maintenance are easy and the cost is low. It is commonly used in air conditioners, large and medium-sized industrial cooling solutions.

5. In order to keep a constant supply of water for cooling, a nearby lake or river is definitely the first priority of water resource. However, in case there is no lake or river available, it is still convenient as far as the user can get the cooling tower connected with the pipeline of tap-water.