Delivery of customized 10HP air-cooled chiller to Korea


On May 31, 2022, a customized 10HP air-cooled box chiller is shipped from Jiusheng Machinery to an industrial equipment facility located in Incheon, Korea.


Featured by a cooling capacity of 25800Kcal per hour and a flow rate of 200 Liter per minute for chilled water, 10HP air-cooled box chiller is one of the most popular and cost effective products with a large variety of industrial applications such as plastic injection molding, electroplating and coating, pharmaceutical and chemical, metal working, die casting as well as machine tooling etc.


Differ from the regular products for domestic market, this 10HP air-cooled chiller was built to customer’s special requirement on power supply of 3PH-220V-60HZ.


By multi-mode door to door freight service, this customized 10HP air-cooled chiller will arrive at customer’s facility before June 8th, 2022.