How to deal with water shortage of water-cooled screw compressor


The water cut of the compressor will also cause the aftercooler to lose its cooling effect. In this way, the temperature of the air sent to the air separation plant will be greatly increased and the normal operating conditions of the air separation plant will be destroyed.
In the operation of screw compressor, cooling is an indispensable part. The compressor should always pay attention to the condition of the cooling water. Once the water is cut off, it must be shut down immediately for inspection.
Screw compressors need water-cooled components including cylinders, intercoolers, compressor aftercoolers, and lubricating oil coolers.
For cylinders and intercoolers, one of the purposes of cooling is to reduce the exhaust temperature so that the exhaust temperature does not exceed the allowable range. It can be seen that after the screw compressor is cut off from water, the cylinder and intercooler cannot be cooled, and the discharge temperature of the compressor rises sharply. This will not only cause the lubricating oil in the cylinder to lose its lubricating performance and cause rapid wear of moving parts, but also decompose the lubricating oil. The volatile components in the oil will mix with air, causing accidents such as combustion and explosion.
For the compressor lubricating oil cooler, the compressor will not be able to cool the lubricating oil well, and the compressor lubricating oil temperature will increase. In this way, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is reduced, the lubricating performance is deteriorated, the wear of moving parts is increased, and the life of the machine is reduced and the power consumption is increased.
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