Take you to understand the characteristics of air-cooled ultra-low temperature chillers


1. The air-cooled industrial ultra-low temperature chiller (coolant -40℃ to 10℃) produced by Jiusheng Natural gas cooling device, liquefied natural gas, synthetic ammonia, urea, fertilizer, CO2 liquefaction device, methyl chloride liquefaction device, polyvinyl chloride, ion membrane, caustic soda, silicone, polysilicon device, butadiene rubber, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber and other devices, Fluoride, fluorine chemical production equipment), medicine, food and beverage (beer, alcohol) and other special freezing industries.
2. There are about 20 specifications of screw compressors for air-cooled industrial ultra-low temperature chiller, and about 300 products of series specifications. The cooling capacity of a single unit is 6×104kcal/h~420×104kcal/h (standard working conditions), suitable for freon (R22) ), etc., the medium outlet pressure range is ≤2.5Mpa(A), and the outlet oil content is ≤5ppm. Comprehensive calculation based on the number of units and theoretical gas transmission.
3. The open air-cooled industrial ultra-low temperature chiller produced and sold by Jiusheng Refrigeration has low operating and maintenance costs, complete safety protection functions, superior performance, PLC programmable automatic control, full Chinese and English display, convenient operation and use, convenient installation, advanced and compact technology Beautiful, the original electrical components are all world-renowned brands such as Schneider and LG. This greatly guarantees the high quality and high stability of Nuobing's large low-temperature refrigeration unit.