The difference between air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers


1. Different heat dissipation methods
Air-cooled chillers mainly use air as the heat dissipation medium, and rely on the built-in fan to dissipate heat. The heat is dissipated by the air through the fin condenser and low-noise fan, and then the air cools the refrigerant. The water-cooled chiller needs to use the auxiliary end of the cooling tower to dissipate heat, relying on water as the cooling medium, and then the cooling water will cool the refrigerant.
2. Installation
The air-cooled chiller can be connected to the terminal equipment without any other auxiliary equipment.
The water-cooled chiller requires a cooling tower and a cooling water pump to operate.
3. Cooling effect
The air-cooled chiller adopts the air-cooling method, which is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. Especially in some areas with high ambient temperature, it will cause poor cooling effect, and may cause high-pressure alarm due to high temperature.
The water-cooled chiller uses water as the cooling medium and is not affected by the ambient temperature, and the cooling effect is better than that of the air-cooled chiller.
4. Operating costs
Water-cooled chillers have lower condensing temperature, higher cooling efficiency and lower power consumption. Under the same cooling capacity, the power consumption of water-cooled chillers is 20% lower than that of air-cooled chillers.
5. Maintenance
The air-cooled chiller dissipates heat through the finned condenser, which easily accumulates dirt on the condenser, so it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended to clean the finned condenser once a month.
6. Purchase price selection
Air-cooled and water-cooled at the same power, the price of water-cooled is much cheaper than that of air-cooled. Of course, this is the unit price of a single chiller to compare. If the new plant has no water tower, it is more appropriate to choose air-cooled. Convenient. In the case of existing water towers, a water-cooled type can be selected, which is more advantageous in terms of price and cooling effect.