How to maintain the chiller?


1. Maintenance and precautions for the main components of the chiller
1. Pay attention to the exhaust and suction pressure of the system during operation. If there is any abnormality, please find out the cause and troubleshoot immediately.
2. Do not arbitrarily adjust the set points of control and protection components.
3. Regularly check whether the electrical wiring is loose. If there is any looseness, please tighten it.
4. Regularly check the reliability of electrical components and replace any failed or unreliable components
Second, descaling
After long-term operation of the shell and tube heat exchanger, calcium oxide or other minerals will be deposited on the heat transfer surface. These minerals will affect the heat transfer performance, leading to increased power consumption and exhaust pressure. It can be cleaned with acid, citric acid, acetic acid and other organic acids.
3. Downtime in winter
When the machine is shut down in winter, the inner and outer surfaces should be cleaned and wiped dry. The drain pipe must be opened to drain all the water in the shell-and-tube heat exchanger to prevent freezing.
Fourth, start the machine
Please follow the steps below to turn on after a long time shutdown:
1. Thoroughly inspect and clean up the unit.
2. Clean the water pipe system.
3. Check the water pump.
4. Tighten all line connectors.
5. Clean the cooling tower regularly (applicable to water-cooled chillers)
To keep the unit running well, please clean the condenser and evaporator regularly. In order to maintain good heat dissipation efficiency of the cooling tower, please clean it regularly;
Six, maintenance cycle
Inspection: water flow, power supply, electrical terminals and electrical insulation, appearance and operation of internal electrical, electrical boxes (monthly)
Check and adjust the set temperature, check the filter drier (every season)
Check the chiller pipeline, waterway cleanliness, blockage, compressor vibration and noise for abnormalities (weekly)

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