Jiusheng chiller application field:  


Plastic molding cooling, injection cooling, extrusion cooling, blowing bottle cooling, thermoforming cooling
Mechanical cutting processing, non-cutting processing, casting, surface treatment, electroplating, electrophoresis, medical equipment, electronic industry, circuit board production, electronic core chip manufacturing, chemical industry, papermaking, pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry, aluminum profile, aluminum alloy, tempering Glass and coated glass production, leather and fur processing, ink production.
When the mold is cooled, the plastic pellets are heated and melted and injected into the mold. After condensing, the molded plastic workpiece is ejected by the mold. In the continuous production process, it is necessary to cool the mold. Equipped with a Jiusheng chiller, it can shorten the plastic condensing time. , Improve the dimensional accuracy, forming quality and surface quality of the workpiece.

Extrusion molding pipes, trunkings, cables and various plastic profiles. The heated and melted raw materials are cooled by a freezing water bath after being molded by the mold, and the water temperature in the freezing water bath must be kept constant. Due to the high production speed, large cooling capacity units are required for the surface. If the existing freezing pool is large enough, the unit may not be equipped with a water tank, and it is more appropriate to use a shell-and-tube chiller.

Bottle blowing
mainly produces all kinds of mineral water bottles and soda bottles. Compressed air drying-Blowing requires clean, dry compressed air. The cold water provided by the industrial chiller can be used as a cold source to remove the moisture in the compressed air.

The most common products are containers, such as yogurt cups. Plastics are extruded by a mold heated at a constant frequency. It is very important to maintain a constant temperature. The temperature difference range of the chilled water is very high. Therefore, a proportional chilled water valve is required to adjust the temperature accurately. And electroplating chemicals and other corrosive liquids can also be used for cooling...
We produce 20HP Air-cooled Shell And Tube Chiller.