Configuration and characteristics of Jiusheng chiller


The structure of the chiller: compressor, condenser, filter drier, expansion valve (capillary tube), evaporator, high and low pressure protection switch, pressure indicator, steel pipe, water tank, water pump, float, outer box.

Compressor: It is the power of the entire refrigeration cycle, which compresses the refrigerant into gas.
Condenser: It condenses the gaseous refrigerant into a high-pressure liquid refrigerant and is a heat exchanger component.
Expansion valve (capillary tube): depressurize the liquid refrigerant and send it to the evaporator. When the refrigerant suddenly drops in pressure, it evaporates into a gaseous state. The medium evaporates from a liquid to a gaseous state to absorb a large amount of heat, and the surface of the evaporator (water tank) The heat in the water is quickly absorbed, and the main purpose of the road is to cool down.
Evaporator: Let the liquid refrigerant quickly evaporate into a gaseous state, absorb heat, and act as a heat exchanger
Water pump: transport the cooled ice water to molds and other equipment that needs cooling, absorb heat back to the water tank, and then be cooled by the evaporator to realize the refrigeration cycle.

Configuration brand of Jiusheng chiller:
①, compressors such as Panasonic, Copeland, Daikin and other compressors have ultra-high energy efficiency, low noise and full reliability;
②, pump: Taiwan Muchuan high-flow refrigerator dedicated vortex water pump;
③, computer: using China Bangpu PC board, touch control, safe and convenient;
④, thermostat: imported LCD temperature control electronic board;
⑥, 1 stainless steel water tank with built-in and outer-covered insulation materials;
⑦, Schneider Electric
⑧, safety protection system
◎ Compressor delay start protection
◎Ice water pump overload and indicator light
◎Compressor overload protection
◎Motor reverse protection and indicator light
◎Compressor overload protection and indicator light
◎Refrigerant high pressure safety valve
◎Fault alarm

Features of Jiusheng Chiller
water-cooled chiller features: high-efficiency compressor, high-efficiency shell and tube condenser, evaporator combination, super cooling, power saving and durable;
microcomputer controller, accurately control the temperature within 5℃ to 35℃;
Built-in stainless steel heat preservation water tank and circulating freezing system;
The internal pipeline layout is reasonable, which effectively reduces the energy consumption;
Complete safety protection devices such as current overload protection, high and low voltage switches and electronic time delay.
Air-cooled chiller features: suitable for places where the water quality is poor or needs to be moved, no cooling tower is required, cost saving, easy installation, flexible movement;
The heat dissipation air is sucked in from the side and discharged from the top, the effect is better;
Using super large area condensing coil and special paddle-type cooling fan, the heat exchange efficiency is strong.