50HP and 60HP air-cooled chillers shipped to Japan


Shipping update diary: A 20-foot chiller container was shipped to Tokyo, Japan today on January 20, 2024.

The user is an old user who repurchased again. In the first half of last year, the customer ordered a 50HP air-cooled chiller. After using it for about a year, he felt that the effect of the chiller was good, and he made good use of our company's chiller. experience. So at the end of this year, we continued to place new orders for 2 chillers. This order is for a container, which contains two air-cooled chillers. One is a 50HP air-cooled chiller, and the other is a 60HP air-cooled chiller. Both of these are non-standard customization. Specification.

The customization requirements of Japanese customers are as follows: the voltage is changed to 3-phase 400V50HZ, the refrigerant is R404A, the water pump is 8KG high pressure, and an electronic flow instrument is installed to detect the flow of water. A bypass valve is installed to adjust the water flow of the chiller. A water pressure gauge is installed to detect cold pressure values. The water pump adopts an 11KW horizontal multi-stage high-pressure water pump with a flow rate of 39 cubic meters per hour and a Yang distance of 80M. The temperature control range of the chiller is 5-35°C, and the chassis sheet metal adopts a widened design. The water pump can be better placed. The evaporator adopts double-coil copper tube type, the condenser adopts copper-clad aluminum fin type, 50HP uses 4 fans, and 60HP uses 6 fans.

The user plans to use these two chillers to cool the newly purchased injection molding machine molds in the workshop.

This time, a 20-foot independent container is used for transportation, and it is delivered to the customer's factory by sea. It is convenient and worry-free for users to purchase throughout the whole process. Our company monitors the logistics and transportation status throughout the process. Ensure that users successfully receive the chiller for use.

Dongguan Jiusheng Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the customized production of industrial chillers: it can be customized according to the voltage frequency, refrigerant model, and various functions of different countries. At present, the chillers customized by our company include: chemical explosion-proof chillers, electroplating oxidation anti-corrosion chillers, air-cooled shell and tube chillers, water-cooled shell and tube chillers, open chillers, screw chillers, anti- Rain type chiller, UV curing chiller, laser chiller, etc...

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