Application of air-cooled chiller in chemical fermentation tank industry


In the chemical fermentation industry, reaction kettles and stirring tanks are a type of reaction vessels that often require cooling of large quantities of materials. If the temperature is too high, the reaction of materials will be slow, which will seriously lead to scrapping.

The following Jiusheng air-cooled chiller will introduce you to the requirements of cooling equipment for powder materials:

first.Good cooling effect The purpose of cooling powder materials is to reduce their temperature and ensure product quality and stability, so cooling equipment is required to have a good cooling effect.

Second.the operation is stable and reliable. If the operation of cooling equipment fails, production will be adversely affected, so it is necessary to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

Third.The operation is simple, which can reduce the work difficulty and safety risks of the operators.

The functions and characteristics of Jiusheng air-cooled chiller in the cooling of split materials mainly include:

1.Good cooling effect. Jiusheng air-cooled chiller can provide refrigeration system, and achieve the effect of reducing the temperature of the material through heat transfer on the surface of the material.

2.High control precision. Jiusheng air-cooled chiller has a precise circulating water pump to precisely control the temperature of chilled water, so as to achieve precise control of material temperature and ensure product quality and stability.

3.Easy to install and flexible to move. Jiusheng air-cooled chiller is relatively small in size and can be installed near the equipment that needs to be cooled, and it is easy to move.

4.Low energy consumption. Compared with other cooling equipment, Jiusheng air-cooled chiller has lower energy consumption. It adopts frequency conversion control, which can reduce production costs and avoid unnecessary energy waste.

To sum up, choosing the appropriate powder material cooling equipment and water chiller can ensure the stable control of the material temperature in the production process, thereby improving product quality, and can also reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Jiusheng air-cooled chiller can also be applied to the surface treatment of fine chemical sand mills and semiconductor medical research fields. Vacuum coating, environmental protection waste gas and wastewater treatment and other fields.