Water-cooled screw chiller is used for kiln cooling in the ceramic industry


The water-cooled screw chiller is used for kiln cooling in the ceramic industry, and the water cooled by the water-cooled screw chiller is transported to the kiln production line for cooling, thereby improving the molding production efficiency and protecting the stability of the production line machine during the kiln cooling process, and Reduce production costs and improve tile product quality.  In the ceramic industry, water-cooled screw chiller are mainly used in kiln cooling systems.  The kiln is one of the core equipment in the ceramic industry. The high temperature part needs to be cooled by the cooling system, and the water-cooled screw chiller can provide a stable cooling water source for the kiln, thereby ensuring the quality and production efficiency of ceramic products.

Jiusheng chiller manufacturer will introduce the specific application situation for you:

1.In the process of firing ceramics, the kiln needs to be treated at high temperature and then cooled. During this process, the kiln needs to be cooled by the cooling system.

The screw chiller can send the cooling water in the kiln to the water-cooled screw chiller through water circulation, and then send it back to the kiln for cooling after cooling through the refrigeration system.

2.Guarantee water temperature and flow During the cooling process of the kiln, it is necessary to accurately control the water temperature and water flow. Jiusheng water-cooled screw chiller can meet the cooling requirements of the kiln by adjusting the temperature of the cooling water source and the flow of cooling water. Thereby ensuring the stability of the kiln cooling process and improving production efficiency.

3.In the ceramic production line, the cooling rate of the kiln has a direct impact on the entire production efficiency. As a high-efficiency cooling equipment, Jiusheng screw chiller can quickly cool down and improve production efficiency. At the same time, its automatic control and reliability also help to reduce production costs and improve production quality.

In conclusion:the application of Jiusheng screw chiller in the ceramic industry ensures the quality and production efficiency of ceramic products and reduces production costs by providing cooling water sources and precise water temperature and flow control. Jiusheng water-cooled screw chiller can also be used in the fields of concrete cooling of building materials, energy-saving equipment, cooling of powder sand mills and other fields.