What is industrial oil cooler?


The industrial oil cooler is a kind of precision chiller, which is controlled by PID system, adopts imported thermostat, and the temperature accuracy is ±1℃. Imported high temperature resistant pump, high pressure and large flow, achieve the best exchange efficiency. Selected high-efficiency electric heating tube for long service life.

The main control electrical appliances and operating components are imported famous brands. With valve for medium replacement, easy to use. Excellent sturdy frame, easy to maintain.


1. Prevent the working machine from affecting the accuracy due to changes in oil temperature.

2. Prevent the oil quality from deteriorating due to high temperature, keep the oil viscosity unchanged, and make the working machine work stably.

3. With automatic fault alarm function, users can be reminded to repair the device in a specific way in time to avoid damage to the parts.

4. The oil temperature control is based on the body temperature (room temperature). The user can set the oil temperature according to the body temperature to prevent thermal deformation of the mechanical structure.

5. The immersion oil cooling and temperature control device is not polluted by impurities, and is not disturbed by cutting metal powder. It is simple to clean and easy to maintain; it is easy to install and does not occupy space.


1. The main engine adopts famous brand compressors imported from Europe, America and Japan, with reliable operation, high efficiency and low noise.

2. Imported high-quality oil pump, high pressure, high stability and long-lasting durability.

3. Imported digital controller with high precision and wide range of use.

4. Perfect electrical protection system, with phase loss, phase error protection, current overload protection, high and low voltage protection, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the unit.


1. Lathes, high-speed lathes 2. Inner and outer diameter grinders

3. Electric discharge machine

4. Hydraulic machinery

5. Grinding machine , broaching machine, milling machine

6. Comprehensive machining center

7. Woodworking engraving machine , cutting machinery, etc.