40’ container loaded for Uzbekistan


On July 18, 2022, another 40’ container is fully loaded for shipment to Uzbekistan. Regardless the 37℃ high temperature, all staff of Jiusheng Machinery are enthusiastic to work hand in hand. After 5 hours hard work, the 40’ container is successfully loaded with 100% safety. According to the sales contract, this container is consolidated with the following items:

5HP Portable Air Cooled Chiller 6 pcs;

15HP Air Cooled Box Chiller 6 pcs;

10HP Plastic Shredder   6 pcs;

20HP Plastic Shredder 6 pcs;

40T FRP Cooling Tower 5 sets;

50T FRP Cooling Tower 10 sets;

80T FRP Cooling Tower 5 sets

Thanks to the reliable quality, competitive price, timely delivery as well as customer-oriented after-sales service, Jiusheng Machinery has harvested deep trust from the Central Asias market.