Tailor-made 50HP air-cooled chiller ordered by Japanese customer


On April 20, 2022, Jiusheng concluded a contract with a Jpanese cusotmer for fabricating a tailor-made 50HP air-cooled chiller. According to contract, the special air-cooled chiller will be shipped out in early May, 2022.


Based on Jiusheng’s standard model JSFL-50 air-cooled chiller, the Japanese customer raised a special requirement on output cooling water, it must be large volume and high pressure, which is far beyond the original specification. After rounds of communication, we quickly located a new pump vendor and get the problem fixed.


Customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority, instant response, seamless communication, always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, that is why we can get customer’s trust and conclude the contract in such a short time.


Unique features of the tailor-made 50HP air-cooled chiller as below:

l Power supply voltage: 3PH 400V 50HZ

l Nominal cooling capacity: 141900 Kcal/h

l Compressor: Copeland full hermetic scroll type, 9.4Kw X 4pcs

l Refrigerant: R404A

l Condenser: High efficient finned copper tube + low noise outer rotor axial fan

l Evaporator: Water tank with coiled copper tube

l Reservoir: 400L stainless steel with corrosion resistance

l Water pump: Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal, powered by 11kw motor, pump head 60m, flowrate 650L/min.

l Safety protection: over current, refrigerant high and low pressure, over temperature, bypass valve, phase sequence, phase-missing, exhaust overheating, anti-freezing.

l Powder coated steel upright frame

l Removable side panels for easy access