What is a special chiller for seafood farming?


Canada is a country rich in fishery resources. Many people live by inheriting techniques such as fishing, fishing, and breeding. Especially for seafood and seafood, if you want to grow healthier and have a bumper harvest due to unspecified factors such as climate, artificial breeding techniques are needed to improve the quality and productivity.

The temperature control of seafood is very important. Various seafood products have different temperature requirements. The core technology is cooling. Many seafood products are caught especially in summer. If they need to be cultivated to survive, they need to cool the water temperature. Save the life of seafood. For example, high-end fish, prawns, crabs, etc., need to be cooled, so you need to use a chiller.
What is the difference between a seafood farming chiller and a standard chiller?
The core difference lies in the choice of materials for the accessories. Since the cultured seafood is generally cooled by seawater, the seawater has salt. Long-term use of the volatile salt in the air will cause the accessories of the chiller to rust and age, so the material needs to be protected. For corrosion technology, the evaporator needs to be made of pure titanium or PVC plastic to prevent corrosion. Including the chassis sheet metal, it needs to be made of PVC or 304 stainless steel.
What compressor does the seafood farming chiller use?
Depending on the specific power selected, if the scroll compressor is used below 30HP, the screw compressor configuration can be selected if it is above 30HP.
What does a seafood farming chiller look like?
If there is not much cooling water, you can choose a small-power box-type chiller. If the cooling water flow is large, choose a screw-type chiller with a large cooling capacity.
How much power can the seafood farming chiller do?
There is no big saying, it can only be said that the cooling capacity is customized according to the actual required power. Generally, the power from 30HP to about 500HP can be customized.
Are seafood farming chillers expensive?
It is mainly determined according to the actual power. It is normal to have several thousand to several ten thousand yuan or even several hundred thousand yuan. The price is naturally different for different functions.

Which seafood farming chiller technology is mature?
China Jiusheng specializes in producing chillers for various industrial applications for 12 years. It is produced by a master with 20 years of experience. The quality of chillers produced by international brands and senior engineers has been trusted and recognized by customers.