Brazil petrochemical chiller application field


Everyone knows that Brazil's manufacturing industries such as steel, automobiles, shipbuilding, petroleum, cement, chemicals, metallurgy, electric power, construction, paper making, and biofuel industries are at the leading level in the world.
Brazil's petrochemical chillers are mainly used in chemical plants, ink printing plants, and petroleum plants. The cooling capacity of the water chiller can be selected from 30KW to 600KW, and the temperature can also be customized according to requirements, such as 5-35°C at room temperature, or 0 to -40°C. However, when applied to petrochemical chillers, the chemical industry needs to adopt explosion-proof design, because it is conducive to flammable and explosive occasions.
The petrochemical chiller is a mechanical equipment that uses a compressor to change the pressure of the refrigerant gas to low-temperature refrigeration. The compressor used is also different from the general air compressor because of the different conditions of use.

The screw type explosion-proof chiller is one of the petrochemical chillers used in the chemical industry, and it may also be made into a box-sealed explosion-proof chiller according to customer preferences. The various components of the chiller are designed and manufactured in accordance with national explosion-proof standards, and are supplied with a qualified explosion-proof certificate approved by the relevant part, which may satisfy the special needs of users. This water-cooled screw-type explosion-proof chiller is used in petroleum plants.   Since it is an explosion-proof chiller, compared with the standard chiller, it is obvious that it has an additional explosion-proof function to ensure that the unit may operate safely during the utilization process:
1. The compressor of the petrochemical chiller is selected from Taiwan Hanbell brand professional explosion-proof compressor, screw compressor series, not only explosion-proof, but also four-stage capacity adjustment to save energy and electricity.

2. The selected Bangpu microcomputer control panel may clearly see the operating conditions of the unit, or adjust the temperature control temperature according to the refrigeration requirements, and it is more clear to eliminate the unit failure according to the fault prompt on the control panel.

3. The petrochemical chiller uses South Korea’s LG explosion-proof electric control system and Omron explosion-proof electrical accessories, which can protect it from other disturbances and ensure firm work.

4. The shell-and-tube evaporator and condenser produced by the factory not only have sufficient heat exchange area, but the externally threaded copper tube makes the two devices have good sealing performance and strong heat exchange ability. It may be better to continue the heat dissipation and heat exchange cycle. Solid refrigeration efficiency of explosion-proof chiller.

5. The refrigeration components of petrochemical chillers are the same as standard chillers. If it is a low-temperature screw chiller, an economical oil separator is also required to ensure that the temperature can be controlled below 0°C.

6. Petrochemical chillers are also equipped with various maintenance methods, such as lack of phase and reverse phase maintenance, compressor overload/delay maintenance, high pressure/low pressure maintenance, active reminder maintenance of water shortage, low temperature/anti-icing maintenance, etc.