Advantages and applications of Box Chiller


Box Chiller has many advantages. Many of Jeosheng’s customers choose Box Chiller. So, what are the advantages of Box Chiller? The following article will briefly talk about it for everyone.
First of all, the appearance of the box machine.
The appearance is often the first reference factor for many people when choosing a product. The appearance of the box machine is relatively "regular" and beautiful. This is mentioned in any article that talks about the advantages of Box Chiller.
The box type machine, as the name implies, is a type of chiller in which the entire contents of the chiller are implanted in the box plate. The appearance of the box-type machine is often more square, so compared to the open-type chiller, the parts, pipes and wires are exposed to the outside. It seems to be more beautiful. This is one of the reasons why many companies choose Box Chiller when selecting models.
Secondly, Box Chiller has a small footprint.
Advantages of Box Chiller:
The Box Chiller has a strong integrity. All the components and parts are contained in the box plate. This will make the Box Chiller occupy a smaller footprint compared to an open machine. Because Box Chiller occupies a small area, it is more suitable for companies with limited venues and cramped companies, especially small businesses.
Furthermore, Box Chiller is very convenient to install and move.
why would you say so?
Because Box Chiller is highly integrated and highly integrated, it does not require special installation. It can be turned on and used by directly plugging in the pipeline and power supply. Because of its strong integrity, it is also more convenient to move. In general, convenience is a great feature of Box Chiller.
Furthermore, the box-type machine does not require additional accessories.
Open chillers need additional accessories, such as water pumps and chilled water tanks, etc. Open chillers only have the host itself, without chilled water pumps and chilled water tanks, and require additional installations by the enterprise, which is relatively troublesome. Because Box Chiller is relatively integrated, it contains all the accessories. There is no need to purchase and install additional accessories such as chilled water pumps and chilled water tanks. It is very convenient to install, use, and move.
However, the box-type machine also has limitations. Box Chiller's constraints are: Relatively speaking, Box Chiller does not have too strong expansion capabilities, and the cooling power is relatively not too high, but it is also sufficient to meet the normal conditions of ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises use.We produce quality Air-cooled Box Chiller.