Why choose high-quality refrigerating oil for industrial chillers?


With the popularity of industrial chillers, users can master the use of industrial chillers when using industrial chillers, but they have little knowledge about the maintenance of industrial chillers, so industrial chillers are prone to serious failures. Affect the safe and stable operation of the chiller. If the user can regularly conduct a comprehensive inspection of the industrial chiller before using it on a daily basis, it will be able to meet the actual operating needs of the user.

When users purchase industrial chiller equipment, they need to replace high-quality antifreeze in time. Industrial chillers have high requirements for the use of antifreeze. Industrial chillers cannot use high concentration antifreeze. If the concentration of antifreeze is high, it will take a long time to warm up before running the equipment. If preheating If the effect is not good, it will also affect the normal use of industrial chillers. Therefore, when the user chooses to replace the antifreeze, he needs to determine the type of industrial chiller to be replaced in combination with the actual use environment and the size of the space in order to achieve the expected use effect.
The main method for users to reduce the risk of operating industrial chillers is to improve the cooling performance of industrial chillers. Even the same style of industrial chiller, different usage methods will have different types of effects on the industrial chiller. When many users use industrial chillers, the equipment's operating efficiency is low due to the lack of basic maintenance and timely maintenance. Even if it consumes a lot of energy, it cannot achieve the expected efficiency. In fact, the problem of high energy consumption in industrial chillers is inevitable related to the quality of antifreeze.
For users, the cost of using industrial chillers can be reduced very much. By replacing high-quality antifreeze, the period of antifreeze maintenance can be extended. Within a cycle, the longer the time it can be used, the lower the user's subsequent maintenance expenses. Effectively improve the safety of users using industrial chillers, and avoid frequent occurrence of various small faults that affect the normal use of industrial chillers. Increasing the user's cost of using industrial chillers affects the user's efficient completion of production tasks.