The role and characteristics of chillers in the vacuum ion coating machine industry


A chiller is a cooling water device that can provide constant pressure, constant temperature, and constant flow. It is by injecting an appropriate amount of water into the water tank, cooling the water through the refrigeration system, and using a pump to transport the cooling water to the equipment that needs to be cooled. The cooling water takes away the heat in the equipment to achieve the cooling effect. Cooling water is added to intermediate frequency equipment mainly because of its high frequency and large current. When the magnetron sputtering target is used, it will generate high temperature and deform the gun, so a water jacket is required to cool the gun. Magnetron sputtering can be said to be one of the most outstanding achievements in coating technology. Its advantages are good film-substrate bonding force, high sputtering rate, low substrate temperature rise, and good device stability. The chiller has an independent water circulation system and an independent refrigeration system, which is not affected by the external environment. Together, these features provide reliable temperature control and high-quality coating results for the vacuum ion coating process.

The function and characteristics of the chiller in the vacuum ion coating machine include:

1. Cooling the target: The target in the vacuum ion coating machine is used to generate metal ions, but it will generate a lot of heat during the coating process. The chiller quickly cools the target through the circulating cooling system to maintain the normal operating temperature of the target, prevent the equipment from overheating to cause failure or reduce the quality of the coating, and ensure the stable output of ions.

2.Stability control: The chiller can stably control the temperature of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates stably within the normal operating temperature range. This helps to maintain the consistency and stability of the coating, improving the consistency and reliability of the coating quality.

3. High-precision adjustment: The operating parameters of the chiller can be adjusted according to specific requirements, including cooling water temperature, flow and pressure. This enables the chiller to provide precise temperature control according to different coating requirements, ensuring the stability and high quality of the coating process.

3.Energy saving: The high-efficiency cooling capacity and precise control function of the chiller help to reduce energy consumption. By effectively controlling the temperature of the equipment, additional energy waste can be reduced and energy utilization efficiency can be improved.

5. Environmental protection performance: the application of chiller in vacuum ion coating machine can reduce the adverse impact on the environment. It uses circulating water for cooling, reduces water consumption, and produces lower noise and vibration during operation.

6.Environmental control: The application of the chiller in the vacuum ion coating machine can also control the ambient temperature and humidity to provide a good working environment. Appropriate ambient temperature and humidity can increase the degree of vacuum, reduce the impact of impurities and gases, and improve the quality of coating.

In summary, the application of chillers in vacuum ion coating machines covers many aspects such as cooling targets, cooling substrates, cooling equipment and environmental control, ensuring the temperature control of equipment and workpieces during the coating process, improving coating quality and Productivity.