​The effect of chiller application in the plastic mold industry


Chillers can improve product quality, production efficiency and mold life in the plastic mold industry, and play an important role in the production of plastic products. It should be noted that the selection and use of the chiller should be determined according to the specific injection molding process and plastic materials, so as to ensure that the chiller can provide sufficient cooling capacity and achieve the expected effect. At the same time, the requirements for cooling water quality and the cleaning and maintenance of the cooling system are also key links.

Customer case: The customer is an injection molding factory that produces various plastic products, such as plastic parts, water cups, lids, etc. They used the traditional cooling water system before, and the effect was not good, which caused problems such as shrinkage and deformation of some products, which affected product quality and production efficiency.

In order to solve these problems, the customer decided to introduce chillers to optimize their injection molding production process. They selected a chiller that met their needs and tested it in use.

Through the application of chillers, customers in the plastic mold industry have achieved the following effects:

1.Control the mold temperature: Since the chiller can control the mold temperature stably and accurately, the thermal stress on the customer's mold is greatly reduced, and the wear of the mold is also significantly alleviated. Appropriate mold temperature is conducive to the fluidity of plastic materials, reduces the occurrence of warpage, deformation and other quality problems, and can improve the surface finish of injection molded products, and also reduces mold replacement and maintenance costs.

2.Improve product quality: With the cooling effect of the chiller, the shrinkage and deformation of plastic products can be effectively reduced. The size, precision and surface quality of the product are improved to meet the customer's requirements.

3.Prolong the service life of the mold: Proper cooling can reduce the wear of the mold and avoid the damage of the mold caused by high temperature. The chiller can effectively reduce the temperature stress of the mold during use and prolong the life of the mold.

4. Improve production efficiency: The chiller can quickly reduce the mold temperature and shorten the cooling time of the product, thereby shortening the entire production cycle. Customers' productivity has improved significantly, with orders being completed faster and production volumes increased.