​Application of chiller in UV curing machine industry and customer cases


Chillers have a wide range of applications in the UV curing machine industry. UV curing machine is a kind of equipment that uses ultraviolet radiation to quickly cure coatings, inks, glues, etc., and the working environment needs to be cooled during the curing process. The chiller can provide a stable cooling water source for the UV curing machine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

The following is the effect of a printing company using a chiller:

Customer case: When a printing company used a UV curing machine for printing, it found that the temperature of the equipment was too high, the curing effect was not good, and the curing time was long. In order to solve this problem, the company introduced chillers. Through the cooling cycle of the chiller, the temperature of the equipment has been successfully reduced, the curing effect has been improved, and the curing time has been shortened. Due to the control and reduction of the temperature, the stability and service life of the equipment have also been improved. Moreover, the enterprise not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces the cost of equipment maintenance and replacement.

The main functions of chillers in the UV curing machine industry include the following aspects:

1. Cooling UV curing lamp: The lampshade adopts water cooling method. The ultraviolet lamp tube used in the UV curing machine will generate a lot of heat, and it needs to be cooled during long-term work to ensure the life of the lamp tube and the curing effect. The chiller can effectively cool the curing lamp by circulating cold water, prevent the lamp tube from overheating, aging and burning out, and ensure the life and stability of the lamp tube.

2.Ink cooling: The UV curing machine needs to cool the ink during the ink curing process to ensure its curing effect and product quality. The chiller can reduce the temperature of the ink through cooling water circulation to ensure that the curing medium works within a suitable temperature range to improve the curing effect.

3. Stability and reliability: The chiller can stably provide continuous cooling capacity, maintain a stable operating temperature of the equipment, avoid equipment shutdown and production failure caused by overheating, and improve the reliability and stability of the equipment.

3.Energy saving and environmental protection: the chiller adopts advanced refrigeration technology and energy saving control strategy, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, can reduce energy consumption, reduce the impact on the environment in the production process, and meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

5. Pipeline cooling system: The chiller can be connected to the components in the curing machine through pipes, such as printing machines, coating machines, etc., and heat transfer and cooling can be carried out through cooling medium circulation. In this way, failure and downtime caused by overheating of the equipment can be prevented, and stable operation of the equipment can be guaranteed.

In short, the application of chillers in the UV curing machine industry is mainly to provide cooling for equipment and products, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, to improve product quality and the comfort of the working environment, and to provide the necessary cooling guarantee for the UV curing process.

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